Murderer’s Tale- Vengeance Conquered

This is it,
The final blow,
The one and only,
To hit below!

Thoughts that had been,
Vengeance driven,
The memories that been
Pained and grief sickened!
Who would have known?
What I could do,
Until and unless,
I gave the final blow!

Unmasked and unguarded,
I lay down the road,
With the memories
Of the past,
Haunting around!

The tool in my hand,
The vengeance wand!
The fear of the life,
The pain in the eyes,
The death and its friend,
Waiting till the end!

Cops are coming,
I am not hurrying!
They have no time,
And I got no dime!

Washing my hands,
I swap my wand,
Throw it in the bin,
And had just gone in!

It’s not the first time,
And they won’t find,
I walk around the road,
With emotions, overload.
Nothing can stop me,
Nothing can harm me,
I live with my pride,
Nothing to hide!

Vengeance Conquered!

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She Cares!

She cares for her sweet family, who protects her,
She cares for her friends, who have fun with her,
She cares for her dog, who plays around with her,
But she doesn’t cares, even what happens to me!

She cares for the roses fallen down the road,
She cares for the beggars sitting down the lane,
She cares for the stranger whom she doesn’t knows,
She cares for all, but still she doesn’t cares for me!

She cares for the tears, which falls down from the eyes,
She cares for the pain, which someone else feels for,
She cares for the fish which falls down from the bowl,
She cares for every bit, which exists on everything!

She cares for what, the world speaks about her,
She cares for the praises which people say about her,
She cares for the people, who don’t care for her,
She cares for everything else ,other than me!

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The Night’s Tale

The gentle breeze,
The graceful rain,
The silent time,
When all asleep!

The cat’s crawling,
The dog’s howling
The owl’s hooting,
The Thief’s prowling!

The Glowing moon,
The glittering stars,
The Sparkling rivers,
The Silver streams!

The lover’s time,
The baby’s cry,
The little crime,
The Crimson wine!

The boy who walks,
The watchman warns,
The bell that rings,
But no one sings!

The great master plan,
To Rob that bank,
The bottle of wine,
And two friends fine!

The much big kill,
They got their fill,
Then came the cops,
Following the mob!

The lover’s big plan,
The Friend who hanged,
The dad who died,
The mother who cried!

The father’s Pride,
Who had just arrived,
Happy new Mother,
Her Just born brother!

Tales all that they say,
Tales all that they made,
The Pitch Dark Night,

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Yeah, am just another face in the crowd,
another person who just hangs around,
the one who likes to join all big parties,
the one who makes, part of the group!

They say am not that important,
am just that one ‘ extra person’,
who just gets to fit in the crowd,
and just hang with all, all around!

I always try to ‘be and make merry’
Itry to make ma existence felt,
Crack out jokes,that no one knows,
No one laughs, but all of them mocks!

I saw that scandal, which had happened,
saw those two, who had just ran away,
And part of that another famous group,
Who were drunk, hit and made away!

I was that ‘Another face in the crowd’
Who is now the member of that group,
I know nothing that had happened
whose members have all gone away!

Now being the only loner in town,
who was the part of that famous crowd,
all come to me and ask what happened?
and all that i know is, what you all know!

They all laugh and then they again mock,
you were with them-“when it happened!”
When they had done all that and this
and you say-You are just another face?

Now they call me the popular face,
whose friends had done big disgrace,
I was just another person who watched,
Still people say-” He was a part of the big…..”


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I Regret!

I crossed the road,
Anger already aroused,
Tears! down my eyes,
Unbearable pain in heart!

Broken pieces apart,
Life goes too hard,
Words,once made me happy,
now makes me ,cry a lot!

Late to regret all that,
Which I could have stopped,
Things went out of hand,
All i did was just stand and stare!

Too late! To do what next,
All I can do, Is just wait,
Wait for the Fate! To play,
The ugly game once again!

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Out Cast

Hey yeah, I am the outcast,

Different version of the same,

Name which you give me

For you all, am man apart


You have girls, I have none,

You have fun, I can’t run,

I crap the roads, down alone,

You hang around, gang out

You party all the time,

Be merry and have great time,

I sit alone, and see you havin fun

I dream around, when I’ll be one


You see me, you mock me,

You say, I deserve this fate,

I keep quite, don’t wana fight,

I know I can make you shut,

But why fight with losers.


You are a party animal,

The freaking all out kind,

You insanely insult those

Who are not your kinds?


You hit us hard  all time,

Places where it pains high,

But I don’t understand,

What do you insanely Gain?

And you call me a OUT CAST


When all the time,

I Dream and work ,

To get name and fame,

To save my family’s name


And still you call me a OUTCAST





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Ma Fairy

In my life, mistakes I make many,
Often which I never noticed,
In the time of my crisis,
You came as a shining light!!!

Never seen a grace like you,
Adore the care, you have on me,
Respect and love, is all I can give
Care is all, that I need from you!!

Fear, grips me everyday that,
One day you might not be their,
That day, I’ll need you the most,
Will be searching, till the end!!!

A pretty smile, with grace
Makes my day, the best day!!
A wise word from you a day,
Changes my life, everyday!!!

Changes for good, I have found,
From the very day, I met you,
God must have blessed me good,
For sending a fairy in disguise!!!!!!!!!

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Still Lonely, After your Death

Life is so lonesome, when u aren’t here,
Often I dream, often I feel,
That u are still near,
Walking by my side,
Being my guide,
Dreaming all ma dreams,
But then, when reality hits.
I wake up, find myself alone,
And weep the sorrows in me,
I often curse the above lord,
Why did he punish me so much?
Why did he, took you up first,
Why did he, took the one I loved,
And left me to suffer, all alone,
With no one in my side,
With no one, to guide me by,
With no one to care for me,
With no one, to ask me why..
I often weep day and night,
Thinking of, why was it me,
What was the wrong, which I had done?
Why had god to choose you and not me!!!
I often still think and weep, why it is me……


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Look OVery Emotionally,
For she is, depended on you!
Love her very, so tenderly,
That she becomes ‘yours’ forever!

Care for her, so affectionately,
For she cares, only for you!
Hold her hand truly forever!
For she lives, only for you!

Never ever, think to break her heart,
For her heart, beats only for you!
Love her, so passionately,
For her passion, is only you!

Never ever, break her trust,
For she trusts, only you!
Never ever, leave her and go,
For she can’t live, without you!

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Confused Reaction

you never understood me,
you never cared to know me,
you never knew what i am,
nor what i want to be!!

yet you say always that,
you can’t understand me,
you don’t know what i am,
nor i can’t be anything!!

i dont understand,
what you want me to be,
what you are expecting of me!!

you always say” change yourself”
“i dont like what you are now”
and when i change myself
again you start telling
” i have changed a lot”
” i am not the same,
as i was before”

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